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Dr. Vladimir Golovko

Brest State technical University
Head of Department of Intelligent Information Technologies
Head of Laboratory of Artificial Neural Networks

Education and Degrees Received

  • 1984 M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Moscow Bauman State Technical University (Moscow)
  • 1990 Ph.D degree in Computer Science from Belarus State University (Minsk)
  • 2003 Doctor of Sciences in Computer Science from United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences (Minsk)

Professional Activity

  • PhD student at the Institute f Engineering Cybernetics, National Academy of Sciences, Belarus, 1986-1989
  • Associated Professor in Computer Science, Department of Computers, Brest State Technical University 1990 – 2001
  • Professor in Computer Science, Department of Intelligent Information Technologies, Brest State Technical University, 2001 to date
  • Head of Artificial Neural Networks Laboratory, Brest State Technical University, 1994 - to date
  • Head of Intelligent Information Technologies Department, Brest State Technical University, 2003 to date

Research activity

Artificial Intelligence, neural networks, artificial immune system, chaos theory, intrusion and virus detection, autonomous learning robot, signal processing, epilepsy detection

  • Reviewer of Knowledge Based Systems, IEEE Transaction of Neural Networks, Neurocomputing, IJCNN, ANNIIP, IDACS conferences
  • Chairman of Belarus SIG of International Neural Networks Society (INNS), 1999 - to date
  • Invited speaker on NATO workshop (LFTNC, Italy) in field of Neural Computation, 2001
  • Principal Investigator and team Leader of 4 international projects in framework of the following programs: INTAS, DLR, DAAD
  • CRDF grant (USA) for presentation scientific results on HPC Conference (Atlanta), 1997
  • Member of Editorial Board and Guest Editor International Scientific Journal of Computing
  • Chairman of International Conference on Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence (ICNNAI)

Summary of Publications

3 books
3 chapter of books
more than 200 papers in journals and conference proceedings


  • English
  • Belarusian, Russian


e-mail gva at bstu.by