The first work in area of robotics was done in 1997-99 by prof. Golovko Vladimir in collaboration with Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten University by INTAS project «Intelligent Neural System for Autonomous Control of a mobile robot». This work was summarized in his excellent Dr.Sc. thesis “Neural Networks for Robot Control and Navigation in Unknown Environment” where was proven efficiency of using neural networks for this cases.

The ongoing work was continued in Laboratory of Artificial Neural Networks found in 2000. It specializes in area of development of the artificial intelligence systems for solution of various problems: control, prediction; image recognition; autonomous control by vehicles; expert systems etc. The first The International Conference on Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence was organized in 1999 in Brest, Belarus. The productive meeting started on that conference continues until this days every two years, changing place between Brest and Minsk. The next ICNNAI conference will be in Minsk at 2012.

Since years LANN elaborated training algorithms for various neural networks, which one in comparison with known were characterized by the higher speed of training. The various modification of the Backpropagation algorithm were offered, the training algorithm of the recirculation neural networks was elaborated etc. LANN elaborates also the original neural networks for solving of combinatorial optimization problems and autonomous control by vehicles. LANN was completed several research projects in various domains.

The robotics topic was re-opened in 2008 by new generation of Ph.D. students interested in intelligent autonomous robotics. The new Robotics Laboratory (including students research) was found as part of LANN at Intelligent Information Technologies department. BrSTU Robotics organized the first open Robotics Seminar in Belarus in 2009. Since it repeat every year including new participants from Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland.

The ongoing work in BrSTU Robotics done in popular robotics, robotics competitions, multi-agent robotics and learning, robot navigation, electronics, and intelligent autonomous control. And we still first Robotics Laboratory in Belarus.