Welcome to BrSTU Robotics!

The Brest State Technical University Robotics Laboratory (BrSTU Robotics) is the main innovative robotics research group in Republic of Belarus. BrSTU Robotics has a variety of functions including research projects, organizing and hosting events and competitions related to robots and robotic technologies, supporting development and demonstration experiments.

The laboratory is constantly working 8 teachers around 20 students who are participated in the 5 major projects (see projects section). Areas of research include mobile robotics, robot control systems, artificial intelligence, robotics, collective behavior and adaptive systems, reinforcing learning, computer vision.

One of the key directions of our lab is the popularization of robotics in Belarus. In this way we see robotics as crossdisciplinary movement where each project require collaboration of different people with different skills and knowledge. Our mission to teach students from different disciplines through projects in robotics. As example of such education project is international Belarusian - Ukrainian competition of mobile robots RoboRace where robotics teams compete on the track.

Robotics Laboratory is open to international contacts and has close collaboration with several leading laboratories in the field of robotics in our area (see partners section).

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